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Easy Installing Laminate Flooring on Stairs

Laminate flooring on stairs – When installing laminate flooring in a room, there is no reason to stop on the stairs. Reduce laminated wood pieces to fit your stairs and continue looking down from his ladder floor. Use the type of molding to make the look of your laminate appears transparent and professional stairs, all for a fraction of the cost of hardwood flooring. Laminates are easy to clean stairs, because a simple job sweep with a broom is all the maintenance required to keep their stairs in top shape.

Measure the dimensions of the stairs using tape. You need to know the length of each step and the width of each step. In addition, it is necessary to know the length and width of the pieces can be installed vertically laminate flooring on stairs between steps. To ensure that every step of the correct size is cut, measure each step individually instead of taking the measures are the same for each step. Use a circular saw to cut each laminate plank flooring size according to your measurements saw.

Install the foam filling the top of the ladder to the bottom. This foam padding helps protect your wood laminate stairs because it provides a soft cushioning between laminate and wooden steps. It also helps insulate for sound and helps prevent crisp steps. Place each plank laminate flooring on stairs is cut at the appropriate step. Secure in place with finishing nails hammered across the board laminate and wooden underground. Follow the same procedure when applied to their vertical laminated pieces.

Use the tape to determine the length of each step from one wall to the other. Cut the stair nose molding with circular saw according to these dimensions. Stair nose molding helps cover the seam created in the corner of each step in which the horizontal part is the vertical piece. Place the molding of the nose of the ladder into position and secure it in place with finishing nails.

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