Effortless Retaining Wall Blocks

Beauty Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks – choice of concrete blocks as material to build a retaining means prepare yourself for a good deal of physical labor. blocks themselves are heavy and must be placed manually. For this reason, a concrete block retaining wall is best designed to be a relatively short wall. You should also feel comfortable mixing and mortar, if you want to build a concrete block wall.

Always check with your local building codes before you begin to build your concrete retaining wall blocks. Best results are achieved by building most solid footing or foundation possible. A check with city construction authorities will give you information on how deep you need to build your footing or foundation to comply with local codes. You can save yourself money and aggravation by making accurate estimates of amount of material that will be needed for your wall. Begin by adding length of all sides of your wall. Divide by length of a concrete block, and multiplied by number of levels you plan for your wall that will give you a good estimate of number of blocks that are necessary for wall, but adds in corner blocks if you built any corners in your design.

Start your construction of a retaining wall blocks with a corner by building wires made of successively laid corner blocks. Disregarding this step will result in having to constantly check blocks to ensure that they are level and plumb. By defining corner leads, you need only stretch a mason line from corner to corner and follow line to achieve a plumb and straight wall.

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