Modern Electric Window Blinds

Electric Window Blinds and Solar Shades

Electric window blinds – A blind has come a long way from the big blind, raise or lower with a thick wire. Today’s window blinds can be raise or opened at the touch of a button. They are also more energy efficient than previously. Consider the technological innovations in the blinds when you choose your next window screen.

Electric window blinds open and close, or raise and lower with the touch of a button. Such blinds are ideal for people who difficulty moving around or to control the light coming from windows that are out of reach. A bedridden person can easily open her blinds to let more light into the room with the remote control. The function remote control can be combining with other blinds functions for effortless lighting in a space.

Different with electric window blinds, solar shades can look like mesh window shades or blinds look like fabric-covered. These window coverings block out sunlight and solar heat from a home that keeps rooms cooler when solar shades are lower and warmer when they are raise. Mesh fabric lets you look out of a window, even when the shade is lower, but the sun glare and UV rays are reducing inside.