Electric Window Shades Bedroom

Electric Window Shades: Smart and Very Practical

Electric window shades – automation gives us possibility to our house a number of elements that allow us to achieve greater comfort and simplify tasks take. In this sense, electric blinds are a more than incorporate smart homes possibility.

It can be installed without requiring major works or reforms. Electric window shades, motorized or smart, blinds give us many advantages in today ‘s society solve several drawbacks by providing important solutions: Up and down blinds without any effort, as many times as necessary. Security is perhaps most important aspect.

Should be away from home or go on vacation for several days, we can program system so that electric shutters open and close on their own, helping to disguise absence of people in house. It is very practical; we must push of a button for electric blinds do everything alone. We also have option of a remote control that incorporates central home automation housing. We can include him sensors for rain or light.

If we have to install electric window shades, we must take into account before doing diameter of blind we want robotizar and weight. As for diameter and 40 are 60mm and weight must be calculated from size and material of shutter. If wood is calculated 12k x m2; pvc and aluminum weigh m2 x 5k and 13k x m2 steel. Only then we can choose type of engine ideal for our window and can lift smoothly.