Elegant Window Treatments Ideas

Elegant Window Treatments Bay

Elegant window treatments – An elegant window treatment decoration can tie a room together, giving a finish, sophisticated feel. If you are decorating on a budget, consider making your own curtains using lengths of fabric with a simple tube made by folding the top over and closed seam; by purchasing material yourself, you can save money without sacrificing elegance and drama.

For an unexpected look, go with a side draping treatment. Start with a large deck with a panel of heavier curtain. In some pictures of bay window treatments, you can see how people install hook on one side of the window treatments, pull the heavier curtains to one side and secure the hook. The lack of a second window to balance the symmetry of the side gathering provides a surprising aspect.

This type of treatment works best in a single window on a wall, such as a window in an entry or a side wall. To create a similar lopsided appearance with a valance in a single window, chain length of fabric over the curtain rod to create a loop; allow one end of the cloth to touch the ground, while the other around 4 meters high are suspended.

Install a standard set of curtains in elegant window treatments, choose a color that matches the color of the walls. Add visual interest by using a rich, textured fabric. Expand the perceived size of the window by installing hooks along the roof of a length of one foot off each edge. Check some photos and design ideas at homevil.

Choose a second curtain in a transparent fabric and attach to hooks, pulling back the sides to reveal the window and the first set of curtains. This type of treatment is particularly effective in large rooms or rooms with small windows, as it gives the impression of high ceilings and large windows. For extra drama, let the second set of curtains to the pool on the floor.

Flowing curtains or curtains can gather a room adding a touch of tradition, warmth and uprightness. Soft curtains can add classic and elegant touches to a room and also provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight. Since fabric curtains come in many shapes, sizes and weights, they can be modified to coordinate with existing room elements. And they can take the decor of your room in a whole new direction. Take into account different layers fabrics to create a dimension treatment.

Great Window Treatment Ideas

Great window treatment ideas for the salon include many options like a custom Valencia to add depth and texture to your window. There are designs that offer a classic combination of curtains and curtains for a more formal. And curtains of window treatments that can help you save money and energy.

Solar Curtains and Shears

If you want to be able to enjoy a view without sacrificing privacy or modern style, consider incorporating Solar Blinds into your next big window treatment. Available in various colors, fabrics and textures, these shades reduce glare, offer ultraviolet protection and reduce the amount of heat gain in a room. Lined clean and elegant, this type of shade is an alternative to traditional curtains and curtains.

Shears are a light and soft alternative to blinds and curtains. Sheer shades diffuse sunlight, prevent glare and provide moderate privacy. If you are looking for a subtle way to dress your large window without introducing spectacular curtains or modern blinds, shear layers is a subtle way to finish off a large-scale window.

Hang curtains and curtains if you have a formal room. You will need two curtains, one behind the other or a double curtain rod. Hang the shears first, behind the stationary curtains. Choose curtains to coordinate with the colors of your living room and your curtains to coordinate with the curtains. The shears are attractive, but provide minimal privacy, so make sure you have enough space between the bars to open and close the curtains if necessary.


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