Ever Heard Talk about Montessori Floor Bed

Montessori Floor Bed Baby

Montessori floor bed – Did you hear speak “Montessori method”? I’m no expert, but I think it is pedagogy with which I feel more akin. In short, it is an educational system focused from point of view of child seeking to meet their needs and not those of an adult. environment adapts to level of development of small, creating spaces that allow freedom of movement when they are babies and this thus enhance their development both physically and as cognitive. We are so used to seeing babies rooms aimed at adult and comfort, however, ill-suited to real needs of children.

Overall, space must not be very ornate or you should choose colors too intense, but rather light or neutral tones. Ideally simple, spacious and neat decoration, so stay breathes harmony and transmits calm, and where child has room to move freely. Everything at your fingertips. This is another of key points of Montessori floor bed. Everything must be up to baby, so that any item will be accessible. Thus, freedom of movement and little can explore and experience their own independence is encouraged.

Nothing barred cots. Assuming that everything has to be within reach, it is best that bed is at ground level so baby, from start to crawl, can move freely without help of an adult to move. Another thing I like about Montessori floor bed is respect for order. Everything has a place and this helps child to settle and to have benchmarks, so there should too move furniture around, because fact find and return her things always at same place transmits them stability.

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