Explain To Sleepers Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak Laminate Flooring Style

Oak laminate flooring – Like other types of hardwood flooring, oak laminate flooring do not do well when exposed to moisture. Because of this, oak flooring should never be installed directly on a concrete or cement sub floor. To install oak laminate flooring over concrete or cement, you need a sleeper system on the surface floor creation. As soon as the sleeper system is in place, the oak floor boards on top of the sleepers can be installed.

Clean lay the surface of the concrete or cement floor that you want the sleepers. Pick up dust with a tack cloth and remove and sticky spots on the floor with a wet mop. Sailing Cut strips of plastic to reach the room. Place the strips on the oak laminate flooring, so that they overlap each other by 2 inches on the edges and put the pieces together with plastic tape. Stick the foil around the floors perimeter with plastic tape, as well. Measure the length of each edge of the floor. Cut 1 per 3 inch wooden boards to the length of each edge of the oak laminate flooring with a circular saw.

Place the shelves around the room, so they sit up straight against the walls of the room. Measure of the wooden shelves along one wall of the room. Measure the surface of the floor between the two plates, and cut a 1-to-3 board down to this length for each character you’ve created. Place enough pieces of 3/4-inch plywood on the signs that you have installed on the floor to cover the entire surface of the floor. Secure the plywood with a 2-inch wood screw every three centimeters along each plate. Place the oak laminate flooring on the raised bed system.

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