Fantastic Ikea Wall Shelf

Ikea Wall Shelf Wood


IKEA wall shelf – Hello there. What do you think the idea of fixing the furniture to the wall? Hang the furniture that is normally on the floor on the wall is a fun, original and attractive idea. Furthermore, it is very convenient as we took advantage of the height of the walls and can save much more. We like to put things on shelves wall to enhance the style and personality to the spaces. We sat down with the Therese decorator to explain to us how he had this fantastic wall solution and how we could make us.

How should the IKEA wall shelf colors used? Can I use several or is it better to stick to one? That depends on what each wants to transmit. If you want to transmit tranquility, uses a single color or a few shades of the same color; if you want to transmit more energy you can use different colors. It is best to choose colors that we like and go watching on the go. The good thing about painting is that we can change it when we want.

What kind of accessories you use? I love books, natural things and porcelain. The combination of those three things, different textures, brings depth to the exhibition. No matter how many ikea wall shelf items are exposed, it can be equally well. If you still have combined modern things more romantic elements

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