Fix a Ceiling Light with Pull Chain

System of Ceiling Light with Pull Chain

Ceiling light with pull chain – When a pull chain breaks on a light stand, giving many people up on light. The problem may seem overwhelming, but it is not. Replaces parameter pull the lamps in your home can be one of the easiest projects you can tackle this year. Take a quick tour of your house and dragging the chains of furniture in each room. Take into account those with broken pull chains and head to the hardware store for replacements. It’s time to get those lights back in service.

Fix a ceiling light with pull chain, go to the circuit breaker box and Find breaker for your light. Moving breaker to the “off” position. Returning to the light and make sure the power is off. Remove the fixture from the ceiling or wall. You will have to expose wires that supply power to your lights. Tag wires from each other by removing the wire nuts. Closer look at the switch on your lights. Metal beads or pull the chain, known as a knurled feeds to the switch mechanism and through the light base. Pulling the switch out of the light.

Feed knurled from the new switch into the bottom of the light. Pulling knurled to insert the new switch tight at the bottom. Connect the wires to the new switch and secure them with wire nuts. Attach the fixture to the ceiling or wall and turn the power back on box circuit. Pull the new chain to test your work ceiling light with pull chain.

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