How to Fix a Chip in Rustic Laminate Flooring

Barnwood Rustic Laminate Flooring

Rustic laminate flooring is synthetic flooring that looks like a wooden floor with a considerably lower cost and installation much easier. The floor is covered by a top layer of melamine resin which provides a hard finish that resists damage, such as scratches and chipping. If any area of ​​the floor, however, is any chipped form, it must be repaired to maintain the beauty of the floor. Instead of replacing the damaged plate or make any other major type of modification, you can fix a chip in a floor laminated wood at a very low cost.

Rustic laminate flooring can be an inexpensive and durable alternative to wood or tile, but when it starts to look worn, the entire space is affected. He sees plenty of foot traffic, so dust and dirt can accumulate over time. Restore it with simple cleaning techniques using items already found in your home. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products, you can easily mix your own solutions to keep the floor as new.

Instructions to fix a chip in rustic laminate flooring: 1) Sand splinter in his lightly floor with a piece of sandpaper 300 to soften it. Do not sand off the chipped area. 2) Dampen a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and rub it over the affected area to remove any dust left in the sand. 3) Remove a small amount laminated container repair slurry with a spatula, and applies to the damaged surface. 4) Clean the spatula and smooth the surface with the underside of the spatula. Allow the surface to dry overnight.

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