Fixing Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware

Sliding Cabinet Door Hardware Ideas

Sliding cabinet door hardware – Manufacturer makes sliding wardrobe doors in different sizes so that the homeowner can choose the most appropriate doors. But not all cabinet openings fit the available size doors and they may require a height adjustment. Measure the distance from the groove into the header to the groove in the floor.

Add sliding cabinet door hardware over the two goats. Measure down from the top of the door in the center and along the left and right side of the face at the door. Equip a circular saw with a specialized plastic cutting blade. Set the blade depth of 1/8 inch deeper than the thickness of the door. Turn on the saw and cut along the guideline. Let the saw pull through the cut rather than forcing the saw along the guideline. File the cut edges smooth lightly with a flat file to remove rough edges.

Measure the opening in the bottom of the door if the cut exposes a hollow portion of the door. Coat the inside of the hollow with an epoxy-based adhesive. Place the wood inside the door. Knock on wood lightly with a hammer on the wood fits snugly into the cavity. Target wood piece so it sits evenly inside the hollow area. Allow the glue to dry for one to two hours before installing sliding cabinet door hardware.

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