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Foam Floor Tiles for Home

Foam floor tiles – should have read as, Internet links, notes on pages that are linking to a post (possibly this post 2011 or variables) about France, Belgium and perhaps other countries in Europe have banned the sale of flats puzzle, floors micro porous, rubber Eva floors, as we like to call them, we use at home with children and in schools; this because the Eva rubber or micro porous used not only in these stories, if not in many shoes and children’s products, contains a toxic substance called form amide.

The puzzle floors, floors micro porous or Eva rubber is a soft material in which if the little ones who are learning to sit, roll over, crawl, crawl or walk, they lose a little balance, a slight drop will be more softer than on the floor, as we know about foam floor tiles and firmer is enough to mobilize as easily, which is not advisable (for those who are beginning to crawl) to make the bed mattress.

What does all this mean? Form amide is a substance, which in large quantities is very toxic and dangerous (you can read the link at the beginning of the post so that they know what is). It is not present in the sheets but in the Eva foam rubber, is what makes it flexible and soft despite its thickness. Therefore, it is not a component that is present in the default rubber Eva. Did you know foam floor tiles ? and some manufacturers do without it. You can find other ways to make floors and soft flexible rubber Eva without using this substance, but are ways that cost more money. Most (referring to the United States and some European countries) manufacturers say their floors puzzle are free of form amide but this does not mean that they have nothing of substance, just that it is below the limit dictated them (for now amended) law.

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