Functional and Beautiful Burlap Window Treatments

Burlap Window Treatments Bathroom

Burlap window treatments – Add interest texture to your window treatment by making a simple Roman shade from burlap, leather, plastic film, faux fur, velvet or metallic material. Small sections of wood or metal fence, ceiling materials, or fabric panels can be attached to hinges and hung on window to use as shutters. For windows where complete privacy is not an issue, consider hanging a vintage beaded door flush ceiling directly above your window.

Originally used for feeding bags and tree roots wrap, burlap has become a popular and inexpensive way to add texture to a room. Burlap window treatments are available in a variety of  sizes and colors, so it is an option, regardless of style. With a simple hem on all four sides, burlap fabric can be hung curtains with clips to any existing window rod. These panels offer some privacy while allowing light filtered through knobby fabric, adding interest and texture to room.

Burlap window treatments are easy to make and add adapted to windows appearance. Functional and beautiful, burlap provide privacy while highlighting beauty of woodwork around windows. To add privacy to any window treatment burlap, black opaque linings output can be used. Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you!

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