Functional Staircase Bookshelf Design to Save Space

Staircase Bookshelf Plans

Staircase Bookshelf – Installing shelves and cabinets and drawers under the stairs will recover some of the unused space just lay unnoticed for a year. Rack can be used for decorative display while the tanks could be used for storage of goods a day. You can also decorate the area with your favorite collection you have. You can add some small task lighting to highlight the objects displayed. Rack can be custom-made or you can buy ready stackable modules are available in each store home improvement.

You can take advantage of the room and turn it into a study or home office area. If you have been looking for some space in your home to serve as your home office, then look no further, this is the room for you. Bookcases, filing cabinets and special sizes and desktop can be to fit and nesting under your stairs. You can paint filing cabinets and shelving in warm and welcoming. These tones are more convenient for users to make it. You must avoid chaos in this small space. So the use of staircase bookshelf will save space for storage of accessories and office stationery stylish and useful.

You can put the seats under the stairs with cushions and pillows to look warm and inviting. It can also serve as a bed for a quick nap. Do not forget to accessorize. You can hang your favorite paintings or wall lamps add to the comfort when reading. That’s all the idea about staircase bookshelf.

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