How to Get a Frameless Shower Doors

Best Design Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors – If you do it yourself or hire professional installers – require precision and attention to detail. Find ways to cut costs, but do not cut preparation. Measure the doors of the shower when the shower enclosure is completed by taking into account small variations in the thickness of the tiles and mortar paste. Measure the width of the opening in three different locations: at the bottom, middle and top. If you have a variance of 3/16 inch or more in any of the people, get quotes from a professional to do the measuring and installation.

Choose a wing, French or sliding door. One glass shower door swinging is the most popular style. If you choose a door, the next decision is how wide is the gate and so open. If you have one or more side panels it depends on the total width of the door opening and the size you choose.

Determine the height of the frameless shower doors. Shower doors are usually 72-84 inches tall, but glass can go all the way to the ceiling. You’ll pay a premium of extra height; not only for glass additional square footage, but also for the type and number of hinges on a larger door.

Choose any special glass treatments. The glass itself is tempered safety glass, probably 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. Glass can be transparent, clear, texture, pattern, grinding and sandblasting design and beveled edges. Select the hardware combined with the style and finishing accessories installed in the shower. The frameless shower doors need pivots and hinges, knobs, handles and towel bar handles.

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