Greatest DIY Guitar Wall Mount

Wooden Guitar Wall Mount

Guitar wall mount – Wall guitar racks can purchase relatively cheaply. But if you want to make your own, it’s actually not that. Select lumber for your rack. The length varies depending on how many guitars you need to mount. Since this is homemade, some of the measurements depend on the preference. Cut 1-inch by 8-inch board to your preferred length. Three guitars around 50 inches should do. Six guitars double the amount. Remember that the longer the board, the more difficult it becomes to mount on a wall.

Cut 1-inch by 3-inch board into small pieces. These will act as arms that hold your guitar wall mount. Cut a 2 1/8-inch spacer for every two arms made. These are what your guitar will rest on. Each spacer should cut at the same angle as the arms. The end arms and spacers. You can use wood glue, but it is safer to screw them together. Connect these to the long table as you have guitars large. Place your arms at a longer distance. Mount guitar rack on the wall. If you can’t find in the wall at the ear, so you will need a stud search. Make sure the guitar wall mount is the nail in the wood and not drywall.

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