Green Bed Skirt: It’s Fresh!

Green Striped Christmas Bed Skirt

Green bed skirt – It’s relaxing, it’s fresh … It’s up to vintage. It’s really all you want it to be, you just have to know how and where to use it. Who said that windows should always be white? No one. In this house they are equally bright painted green. Yes, very clear. The table, made of wood and iron, was purchased at a flea market.

The fastest way to bring romanticism, light and flowers to the bedroom is to cover the wall of the headboard with floral wallpaper. And a lot of future! Color gives 100 years of life to an old piece of furniture. And the green bed skirt gives a delicate touch and a lot of personality.  If you paint with chalk paint you will not have to prepare the furniture before.

You can combine two tones, one darker and one lighter, to achieve an aged effect. Give it life! Combine smooth and patterned to give movement to beds and sofas. And it qualifies green bed skirt with a neutral, like gray.  Or upside down! We have already said it. It is a combination that never fails. Play with both tones in dishes, tablecloths … and not miss a natural touch.

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