Drop Ceiling Hooks Garage

Hanging Drop Ceiling Hooks

Drop ceiling hooks – When you need to hang lights and other ceiling depends on the process of what the ceiling made. The rule of thumb is that heavy stuff, weighing 5 kg or more, must always secured in the very bearing ceiling construction. With a wooden ceiling is the easiest to hang anything up. You screw a hook directly up into the tree list at the place where the lamp will hang.

For heavier things you can screw a board up across the ceiling lists, so the pressure spread over several boards. However, if you want to mount a large chandelier or hanging chair in the attic, you also here have to do it to the load-bearing parts of the ceiling structure. It is relatively easy hanging lamps and the like up to a plaster ceiling. You drop ceiling hooks directly into the boards, sitting as a base for plaster.

Sound absorbing panels can only keep for a minimum of weight. If you hang up something that weighs more than a few hundred grams, the ceiling panels bend and slide out of the rail system. Therefore, the lamp fastened to the bearing part of the ceiling structure with drop ceiling hooks. From here provided for a wire down between the ceiling panels to the lamp to hang.

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