Homemade Ideas Nautical Cabinet Pulls

Nautical Cabinet Pulls Ideas

Nautical cabinet pulls – Homemade cabinet door and drawer pulls can provide a tailored look to the kitchen, bathroom or other cabinets in your home. Questions to ask are: Where are the lockers located? Do they need to be reached in daylight or at night? What kind of shape or size is appropriate? What color would best complement or contrast with the cupboards “color?

Look materials for nautical cabinet pulls. Select items from around the house and re-purpose them. Items that can be used include Souvenir from international travel, pebbles, beach glass, keys from an old computer keyboard, caps, or even Scrabble tiles. For a custom look, mold forms of polymer clay. Make sure the shape and material feels comfortable in your fingers.

If you use smaller items such as keys, drawing, group them together or use glue or soldering gun to attach them to the larger store-bought cabinet pulls. Change the color or texture of the cabinet pull with paint or other materials, if desired. Apply the paint before assembly, and then install the nautical cabinet pulls. Installing the cabinet draws in the desired location on the doors or drawers with screws or glue. To give the cabinets a unique and eye-catching look, consider applying them to an unusual place or something outside the city center.

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