Honeycomb Window Shades Ideas

Honeycomb Window Shades Images

Honeycomb Window Shades Ideas – Honeycomb shades come in many different styles. They are found in the cell or double cell, which refers to the air pocket created by the two layers of shadow. Single cell is as it sounds: single cells stacked on top of each other up and down the length of the shadow. Double-cells are two smaller cells diagonally to each other in the space created by the horizontal ribs of the shadow. The cells create dead air spaces that increase the insulating value of the shades. Honeycomb shades come in the blackout, light filtering, from the top down, bottom down and arched windows. There are so many colors are that it is a good idea to order some samples to help you decide which one you like best.

Honeycomb window shades also known as cellular shades, is a modern and functional way to cover the windows. They called honeycomb shades because of the shape of the cells is created between the two layers of fabric that you see when you look at the shadow side when it is down. Horizontal seams in the fabric creating honeycombs the width of the shade. These pockets of air making them the most energy efficient shades in the market. According to the US Department of Energy is to set up cellular shades more cost effective than installing energy efficient windows.

Honeycomb window shades cover the windows provide privacy and light control, and add a decorative element in a window. With all the colors and patterns available, they are suitable for almost any room. Honeycomb shades trap air in the voids created by evenly spaced horizontal seams that connect two layers of shade. This trapped air provides maximum energy efficiency and noise reduction.

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