How Dark a Wicker Lounge Chair

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How Dark a Wicker lounge chair – Sometimes a piece of furniture needs a face lift. Wicker furniture such as rattan, raffia, bury or sauce can improve a living outdoors, an enclosed porch or an interior room. However, wicker furniture can suffer early death due to lack of attention. Spare grid may need an overhaul of protection, which can result in a darker refreshing finish. Darker and protect a wicker lounge chair with brush on a thin layer of a portion of boiled linseed oil and one and two parts turpentine. Apply the mixture of linseed to a wicker chair unpainted clean, dry; clean the excess with a cloth.

Arena paint flakes away and rough surfaces with sandpaper grain 220 if you want to darken a wicker lounge chair by repainting. Then spray the wicker lounge chair with a spray paint dark, like a painting interior-exterior spray. Let the chair dry, which takes about an hour, and spray one or more layers of paint to achieve the desired color darker.

Seal the surfaces of a wicker lounge chair, wet humid environments by applying waterproofing penetrating sealer, which can also obscure the wicker lounge chair. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for spraying or cleaning the sealant, cleaning the excess.

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