Basement Window Curtains Decorative

How to Basement Window Curtains

Basement window curtains – The basement windows are often overlooked by homeowners because they are so small or out-of-sight. That does not mean they can not be dressed. There are many options for basement windows. Remember, these windows are close to the ground and usually in a more public location, use window treatments, which not only provide decorative elements but privacy, insulation and protection whenever possible. Hang a straight curtain rod above the window, and add knee-length curtains to the pole. Use a decorative curtain rod, such as wrought iron, giving the window treatment a finished look. This look works on even small basement windows. The curtains add color and texture to the room and give the illusion of a larger window when the curtains are closed.

Install colored blinds or neutral ones, depending on your decor. Consider blinds with insulation to retain heat and reduce noise since both aspects are important considerations in many basement window curtains. You can use blinds and curtains in the window to serve several purposes. Cover window in the window film. Use tinted, frosted or patterned film, according to your taste. The film not only decorates your window, but it also adds privacy filters out UV rays and helps prevent condensation from forming on the glass. Cut window film to fit the window, and peel back so it sticks to the glass.

Add a wide, decorative molding to the limit so the window stand out. Using dark or white trim, or paint it to coordinate with your decor. A wide edge makes a statement in a room and helps a small basement window curtains look larger. For molding, is plain or ornate. Shutters looks attractive inside Windows with broad casting.

Small Basement Window Curtains Ideas

With care strategies, you can make the basement window appear bigger than it really is and that in a maximum of light. Swag is a form of window treatment that is completely decorative and does not block or filter light in any way, an effect that is perfect for a basement you want to leave in a maximum amount of light. Hang the loin inches up and the window to give it a long effect. The dark color of booty will contrast the incoming light from the window, which seems more abundant.

A very logical way to use curtains for a basement window is to select a single transparent curtain, such as made of linen, lace, gauze or comparable materials. These fabrics gently filter the light, keeping privacy light without basement more than necessary. When hanging such a curtain, hang the curtain rod a few inches higher than normal above the window and let the fabric hang to the floor to create an illusion of elongation, making the window look bigger than it actually is.

Beaded curtains are a festive, adventurous option for anyone who truly wants to revitalize their basement windows. Bead curtains take basement window and spotlights, transforming it from a small hatch to an area of interest in the room. Today a wide range of manufacturers who make beaded curtains abound, and truly have their choice of colors. Your basement, select bead curtains that have clear glass beads that filter the light by adding some dazzle and sparkle to the room.