Handrails For Stairs Designs

How To Build Handrails For Stairs Of An Old House

How To Build Handrails For Stairs Of An Old House – If you have stairs inside or outside an old house, should the stairs have handrails. Handrails provide support while walking up or down steps. That provide a safety barrier that keeps people from tumbling off the edge of the stairs. You can build handrails for almost any staircase in an old house with a few basic tools and hardware.

Make sure the handrails for stairs upper and lower posts. By cutting either two 4-by-4-inch or two 6-by-6-inch wood posts to about 40 inches in length. Use a half-inch drill bit to make four holes through the stringer wooden post. Making holes in a square pattern, about an inch in from the edges. Drill about 2 inches deep into the post and then move to the bottom of the stairs. Hold the second post against the bottom stair and with top stringer. Drill in the post and attached post stairs with bolts.

To build handrails for stairs, count the stairs and cut down two 2-by-2-inch wood posts to 38 inches in height of each stair. Secure two posts on the stringer next to each stair with screws, so that 2 inches of the bottom of each post extends under the stage and the post is distributed evenly on each stair. Measure from the top post installed at the bottom of posts. Keep the 2-by-4-inch board at an angle so that one end of the board is the top post corner and the other end is towards the bottom corner of the item. Lay the 2-by-4-inch wood board on posts. Drive a screw through the board to the top of each post to secure it. Color wood is the same color as the other wood features of the old house.

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