How To Clean Wraparound Curtain Rod

Wraparound curtain rod – which offers simple and elegant window coverings that fit almost every decoration. The cleaning method depends very much on the material made from the roll curtain. If the ingredients can be submerged in water, follow the simple cleaning procedure below. If it is made of the material that cannot become saturated with water. Then the cleaning place will be the only safe cleaning option.

Remove the wraparound curtain rod if possible and carefully place it on the floor. If you cannot remove it from the roller, it is better to clean it when washing can loosen the glue that holds the blind to the roller. If the curtains are very dirty, it is better to start with thorough dust to remove dirt on the surface. Use the attachment brush in a vacuum to gently brush over the surface and remove loose dirt, dead bugs, etc.

On the wraparound curtain rod, Add a few detergents to the water and mix well until some foam begins to form on the surface. Next, carefully place the blinds in the bathtub. If the curtains are long, it’s okay to coat them in a loose accordion. If a partner is available to help, the blinds can be removed and rinsed with a shower spray to remove soap more quickly.

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