How To Convert 2×4 Ceiling Tiles Ceiling Tiles 2×2

How To Convert 2×4 Ceiling Tiles Ceiling Tiles 2×2– The installation of a false ceiling allows a homeowner to cover higher ceilings that have a not fun appearance. Ceilings create a feel warm and intimacy that are not possible in rooms with high ceilings. Ceilings are usually installed in a 1 foot by 1 foot or 2 feet 4 feet grid; However, some owners prefer the look of a grid 2 feet by 2 feet. The conversion of ceiling tiles 2 by 4 to ceiling tiles 2 by 2 is a simple job that can be completed in not more than one day.

Remove all 2×4 ceiling tiles grid drop ceiling and count the number of tiles you have. Buy a splitter additional grid per tile ceiling. Cut size tiles. Measure and mark the center of the tile length of 4 feet. It will convert a ceiling plate 2 by 4 to two tiles 2 by 2 by cutting the rectangular tile in two square sections. Draw a line from the center mark to divide the tile in the middle. Cut along this line with a knife.

Reinstall the tile. Insert a separator grid in the center of the old grid of 2×4 ceiling tiles to create two small grids 2 by 2. Insert the ceiling tiles February 2 by 2, placing one on each side. Complete the ceiling. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the entire ceiling is fully installed.

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