Awesome Stairwell Railing

How to Install Handrails in Stairwell Railing

Stairwell railing – Many states and counties require measures to have handrails, issuing building codes that call for banisters of 34 to 38 inches above each stair. Handrails will support you as you climb or go down the stairs. Even if your state does not require railings, you can mitigate the risk of accidents on the stairs; install a handrail in your stairwell.

Install handrails in stairwell railing; locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder. Label each wall stud with a pencil. When the ladder is installed in a stairway, each step usually lines up with a pin. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a vertical line through each mark. Then make sure the top of each row is equal to the height of the handrail will be. Install railing brackets every 4 meters. Start with a bracket secured to the upper pin at the point where the handrail will stop. Make sure that the brackets are straight with a level. And then drill holes for fastening screws in the marked points. Screw the brackets to the wall.

After that to install handrails in stairwell railing, rest the rail on the brackets. Marking the rack where it will add to the bottom bracket using a pencil. Insert the railing down on a flat surface. And then drill holes in the railing at the point you marked for the bottom bracket. Then place the rack on the bracket and attach it to the bottom bracket with a screw. The railing should now be confident enough that you can connect it to the rest of the brackets with the screw between the top and bottom stair staircase.

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