How To Install Round Curtain Rod

How To Install Round curtain rod – In order to look beautiful on the door. How to install curtains must be considered and done correctly. The reason is door curtains that are not properly installed. In addition to being unsightly are also possible to damage parts of the curtain itself. I don’t want it if the door curtains that used to look beautiful would be tacky and disturb the view inside the house.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, today there are still many people who do not understand how to install a round curtain rod that is good and right. They tend to accept it properly by using installation services. For those of you with a limited budget, you should consider the option to install your own door curtains.

Measuring the door properly is mandatory in installing round curtain rod doors. The next way to install the door curtain is to use a curtain fabric whose length exceeds the size of the house door. In addition to determining the design of curtains and curtains. Color choices also greatly affect the appearance of your home door later. For door curtains, choose a bright color. The next step in installing door curtains is to choose the type of buffer for the curtain. Make sure the curtain support is wide enough so that when open, the inside edge of the curtain only covers the door frame and not the entrance.

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