How to Install Stair Pole

Beautiful Stair Pole

Stair pole and railings on a ladder fulfill a double function, on the one hand they are a safety element when manufacturing a closure that prevents to cross the limit of the staircase. But also according to the form and the state in which they are can become an important contribution aesthetic. If you want to replace the starting pillar and the balustrades, or interior pillars. This project will interest you because with dedication and doing a thorough work you can change these old pillars yourself. And also add new elements to your wooden staircase.

The chisel is a very useful tool in the work with wood. Since to be manual it is possible to handle and control very well the force that exerted and the work that is finish. It is use in carving, drafting, to install hinges and to make recess. It has 2 functions that complemented in the work, its straight side serves to sink the chisel in the wood and to remove thicker pieces.  Decide if you want to keep the stair pole, balustrades and railing natural or with some vitrifying, which in addition to protecting them can give a different tone. This product must be apply before installation.  Check that the existing rails are properly install and at the correct height.

On the second rung the starter stair pole must be install. Mark your base 3 cm from the edges of the step calculating that centered. With the chisel make a draft of at least 1 cm of depth for the base of the pillar. It begins by marking with the chisel all the edges of the square and then begins to hollow.

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