How to Install Vinyl Stair Mats

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Stair mats – A vinyl mat may seem like a way to add traction to your stairs to prevent fails, but when not installed correctly, they can be more of a hazard than a help. The mat should be cut to custom fit each stage and secured to keep vinyl from slipping. The stairs are high-traffic areas and mats can help to protect the surface from dirt and foot injury. Installation may take some time, but when finished, steps will be less smooth.

How to install vinyl stair mats, wash stairs to remove dirt from the surface. Let them dry thoroughly before installing the mats. Lay vinyl mat in the middle of the bottom step. Pull it up to the next step and mark with a grease pencil where the sides of the mat touch on both steps. This helps keep mats evenly centered as you move up the stairs. Add adhesive to the bottom step, covering any area where you will mat to sit. This may include the inner ledge between each level or just the top of the steps. Follow the instructions on the product for proper use.

After that to install vinyl stair mats, lie mat down and line it up on your center marks. The cutting mat along the rear edge of the step with a utility knife or other blade when employing a separate mat on each step. Driving the hands of the mat to push air bubbles. Back to the bottom of the stairs and trim the starting edge, so it is flush with the floor or step ledge. Examine mats looking loose areas. Reusable adhesive to any part of the mat is not ensure.

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