Traditional Barn Sliding Door Hardware

How to Installing Barn sliding door hadware

Barn sliding door hardware – . The hardware you can stops as well as trucks with wheels at the top of the door. The door itself consists of a wooden frame, coated on both sides with foil. A small window, fixed frame can be installed to provide light and visual security to see what there is on the other side of the door.

Measure the opening. Cut the rail to the measure, twice the width of the opening. Determine the direction of your door will open. You need a wide open space such as opening next door opens the door a. Barn sliding door hardware measure above the gate of carts with wheels, in addition to the track, height more the thickness of the mounting brackets at the top track and use a line of chalk and level to a line through the area to height. Use an electronic Stud Finder to find the inner wall along the line frame. Press the buttons on both sides of the unit and run along the wall, marking each place the device will emit a sound and lights up.

Place each bracket on the sets of holes and drive a screw the treated of 3 inches of wall through every hole in each bracket. Install the brackets with your mouth open shape C out and the flat side against the wall. Set up the track in the open faces. Drive a screw in the top hole of each bracket to lock the track in place. Clip one truck at each corner of the door from either side, with its interior cars-raps with 6 inches of the face of the door inside. Barn sliding door hardware as stands, with a 3/16 inch drill bit, drill pilot holes. Lead screws that come with your hardware, at the top edge of the door with a wrench to secure. Truck left on the right end of the track, rolling and lift the right edge of the door to get the right truck in slip. Slide the bumpers on the track at each end and tighten the screws

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