Contemporray Terracotta Floor Tiles

How to Lay Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles – is a type of clay, from which the tiles are often made. Terracotta tiles tend to be larger and more porous than other masonry tiles such as granite or marble. They can also be quite soft, which is the reason for a two-step sealing process is critical.  Measure the length and width of your floor to find the middle. Use the middle of the floor as a reference to mark a grid across the surface with a chalk snap line. Allow grid lines to guide you as you lay your tiles.

Place all pieces, as if you were installing them. Remember to leave room for the grout. Be aware of any tile to be cut to accommodate corners, trim or other structures.  Pick up all the tiles, making sure not to disturb the chalk lines. Make the necessary tile cuts using an angle grinder with a stone-cutting disc attachment.  Carefully pour enough glue in the middle of the terracotta floor tiles to cover a reasonable size section you can tile before the glue begins to set. Carefully smooth and level the glue with a straight trowel.

Place tiles working from the center of the floor to the edges. Use plastic tile spacers if necessary to make the grout distance themselves. Apply and spread more glue when you move to a new section on the terracotta floor tiles, keep the thickness uniform from one area to the next. Sweep away dirt or dust from the tile surfaces with a broom. Seal the tiles when the entire floor is installed and the glue is dry but before casting.

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