How to Make Nailhead Dining Chair

Nailhead Dining Chair

How to Make Nailhead dining chair – This post will direct you to make nailhead for decorate dining chairs. Use nailheads add a simple rustic motif or create an extravagant design details. First you should to do decide how to incorporate the nail heads in the chair.

Than measure of the chair in which you want to add nailheads, as the base or the outer back of the chair. Cut a piece of brown paper that equals the size of the chosen area. Draw the pattern or design that you want to create with nail heads on the butcher paper. Paste the butcher paper in the selected location. After that, touch a gently nailhead on the surface of the chair with a rubber mallet. Start at the end of the location you want to decorate, as the bottom of the frame of the chair or the edge of the design.

Set the next nailhead with previous nail head and gently tap on the chair with a rubber mallet. Continue adding nail heads the chair, placing nailhead in the chair, until you have decorated the chair to your liking. Remove the butcher paper chair. Leave the tape and gently pull the bottom of the paper down, tear the paper underneath the nail heads. Nailhead dining chair was done!

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