How To Paint Rusty Metal Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors For Garage

How To Paint Rusty Metal Louvered Doors – Sliding shutters are moveable slats that adapt to open or close, block or allow light through the door panels. Because of the slats can paint these doors be a challenge if you do not use spray paint. Paint the louvered rusty metal door with paint that bonds to the metal surface, creating a layer of strong and effective color will remain attractive for many years.

To paint rusty metal louvered doors the first Remove the doors. Then Spread the dropcloth on a flat surface where you can spray paint without overspray spreads to other objects. Put ticks on dropcloth and add doors horizontally on trestles. Brush the door surfaces with a wire brush to remove any rust. Flip over the doors to brush backsides, and then turn them back so the front faces upward. Vacuum the doors with the nozzle attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove loose rust and dust. Insert the nozzle into every crevice. Turn doors over to vacuum the backs and turn them back again.

Fill the bucket with warm water and add detergent to make sudsy water. Dip the scrub brush into the soapy water and wash the front and back surfaces of the rusty metal louvered doors. Let the doors to dry completely before proceeding. Shake metal primer can vigorously for about three minutes. Hold the can 10 to 16 inches from the doors and spray primer evenly over the surface. Align the primer into the cracks of the louvered doors to coat them evenly. Let the first coat of primer to dry for about 10 minutes and turn the doors of the prime downsides. Apply a second coat of primer to the fronts and backs of the doors for about 10 minutes. Let the primer dry for about 30 minutes. Shake metal spray paint in about three minutes. Apply the spray paint to metal doors using the same technique as for the primer.

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