White Champagne Bronze Cabinet Hardware

How To Refinish Champagne Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Champagne bronze cabinet hardware, like many decorative metals, is not difficult to clean, but can easily become dull and dirty, look dirty when you simply react to the elements. To get your cabinet hardware look fresh and bright, try these simple methods.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to remove the hardware from the cabinets so that the lacquer products do not overpulse on the cabinets themselves. Many champagne bronze cabinet hardware is the same when dirty. Use a Sharpie permanent marker to fill in aluminum scratches showing through. Lacquer gases are hard on the body. Try to work out when you can or make sure the windows are open to fresh air when working inside.

Like copper, champagne bronze cabinet hardware can interact with elements, even inside your home and become colored. Once this happens, you can not return the antique bronze finish. But, congratulations, you have one of the most sought after finished around. Therefore, clean the hardware with warm water and mild soap (wooden soap, baby laundry soap, even shampoo) and a cloth. Rub the dirt and grime and stay with the style and the precious color.

If you do not have any discoloration, it is possible that your champagne bronze cabinet hardware has been coated with lacquer. Again, start by cleaning with warm water and a mild soap. Allow to dry completely. Once clean, you can see two colors of finishes; The darkest bronze and a lightweight aluminum showing through.