How to Remove Stair Trim

Stylish Stair Trim

Stair trim – If you look around your room, you will probably see Molding nailed to the wall just above the floor. In many homes, you can find exactly the same or similar molding lining the stairs. This casting conceals the joint between the floor and the wall. If you are planning renovations that require the removal of the stair trim, you will find that the process to remove the trim from a staircase similar to the process to remove the trim from a room.

How to remove stair trim, slide blade on the 3-inch putty knife between the wall and trim. Start at one end of the stairs trim; do not start in the middle. The 3-inch putty helps to distribute the pressure of the putty against the wall and prevent problems with cracking or crushing gypsum.

After that to remove stair trim, slide the curved end of a crowbar between the plaster and trim. Then the pry bar gives you leverage. And then turn the handle on breaking bar upward. This forces the curved end of the pry bar outwards and pulls the trim, along with trim nails out of the drywall. Slide the spatula down until you reach the place on the trim that remains on the wall. Then place the pry bar between the plaster and trim. Lever trim from the wall. Repeat this as you work your way down trim. Does this until you completely remove the trim piece.

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