How To Rise College Loft Bed

College Loft Bed Xl Twin

How To Rise College Loft Bed – College dorm rooms are often tiny, which makes it extremely difficult to fit all your belonging comfortably in your dorm rooms, especially when you can have a roommate or two. By lofting your Twin metallic college, you can have plenty of space for your desk, chair and even a mini-fridge under your bed Saving spaces can help improve your organizational skills and makes a living university dormitory overall experience more enjoyable.

Things you need: Hammer

Instructions: Determine how high you want your metal college loft bed. Make sure you have enough space between the mattress and the ceiling so you can stand upright without touching your head. Remove your mattress of the existing steel structure and set aside. Remove background play bed frame rails. Because most of the rails tend to be extremely secure, you are likely to need a hammer to perform this task. Place the rails in a safe place, as you may need to return them when you go out of your dorm. Remove the metal pins into your bed at its current size and place on one side. Adjust your bed With the help of another person, adjust the metal frame of your college loft bed to the height you want.

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