How Upholstered Wing Chair Recliner

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How Upholstered Wing chair recliner – New upholstery in your reclining chair with wings is a solid investment for the condition, appearance and longevity of the chair. Doing the job yourself is not out of the question, and is much less expensive than hiring a professional. Choose the style, color and fabric design to work with. This is probably the most exciting part of the process, but it can also be difficult to decide what material will go better with the decor of your home and lifestyle. Darker colors hide stains and dirt better. If you have pets or children, stay away from fabrics that need little maintenance, like satin or silk.

Measure your wing chair recliner from every angle to ensure the best fit and appearance of your upholstery. Be sure to measure the pieces with upper wings and arms, because you will need extra fabric for them. Look over filling corners and the structure of the chair to make sure it is in good shape before upholstering; you may need to trim excess wires or sand until bumpy corners. Also note any odd angles that will have to pay special attention to when upholstery. Even with their specific actions, add a few centimeters to the amount of fabric for additional corners that can be hidden or overlapped.

Extend the fabric you choose in a plane, such as floor space, near his wing chair recliner. Pop out of the chair and footrest corners and examine how you can fold the fabric underneath and above. Use the writing utensil to plot the measurements and the shape of this part of the chair, leaving an extra half inch and outside. Cut the fabric out and lay the fabric on top of the footrest.

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