Ideal Bay Window Curtain Rods


Bay window curtain rods – Since windows protrude from the wall of the house some, it makes an unusual regular window curtains. However, because Bay windows cannot use traditional window treatments, this gives you the opportunity to use their imagination and create a custom window treatment for your home. Choose from a variety of options that use curtains, drapes or blinds to dress the bay window.

Hang panel curtains in a bay window. The trick to this is to use narrow curtains. You need to install separate curtain rods in each section of the bay window curtain rods. When installing curtain rods, leaving at least one inch between the end of a curtain rod and the next to make it easier to hang curtains and remove for cleaning.

For those who like the look of an open bay window without window treatments, consider hanging along the sides of the bay window curtains. Hang a curtain rod long in the front of the bay window curtain rods. Make or buy curtains reach from the ceiling to the floor and come through the window opening closed bay. This allows you to have full view of the bay window, but also gives you the option of closing the window when desired.

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