Half Window Curtains Pattern

Ideal Half Window Curtains

Half window curtains – Standard window treatments can be too much for a half window; too dramatic curtains and draperies can overwhelm a small window and block out light. As you research curtain settings, look for streamlined treatments that provide privacy and complement window without overwhelming it.

Blinds add personal information to a half window curtains without obscuring window frame; you can buy them in a variety of colors and materials. In a small room, choose a blind to match window trim color to create a streamlined effect. Half a window in a large room, make blinds to a design piece by selecting a material such as wicker, wood or patterned plastic. Extra pop of color or texture can add depth and detail.

To add a touch of drama to half a window, use a single-loop valance. Use a single piece of sheer material to keep it simple in color and pattern to avoid overwhelming window. It is not necessary to buy curtains for a valance; substance is often more inexpensive, allows for a wider range and can be transformed into a curtain with a simple hem.

When a window treatment for half window curtains is created, a treatment may be too bold; instead, add visual interest in details. Add a simple along bottom with strips of lace tape or fabric paint edge, for example, or with decorative replace hardware versions. You can also add design details such as tape loops or button closures on each ring hole.