Ideas for Build A Wall Mounted Desk

Wall mounted desk – If you are short on space, a wall-mounted desk be ideal. You can buy a wall-mounted desk kit. But it is more expensive than simply pick your own. You can use your new desktop as an area to do crafts, study or storage of a laptop. Only the simplest of building skills are required and you can include storage if you wish. The same basic ideas will work quite well for a narrow entryway table or a child’s craft room.

Decide your overall dimensions. Remember, a wall-mounted table will be narrower than a typical desktop, and you can use the extra length to allow for sufficient space. Design your desktop. You can make it a single shelf, mounted on the L-bracket to the most basic wall mounted desk. You can also create a slender box with compartments for storage under the desk. Consider planning for narrower shelves of your wall mounted desk. Choose your timber. Cut your lumber to size with a circular saw. Attach the sides of the table to the bottom panel, if you build a shallow box-style wall-mount desk, using a drill to make holes. Screw pieces together with wood screws. You want to attach this to the top surface when it is mounted on the wall.

Find the studs in your wall. It is important that your desktop properly mounted in the wall studs. Mark the location of the bracket on the top board for your desktop, if you build a box as one, or on the main board, if you build a shelf style wall mounted desk.  Replace the L-bracket to your top shelf surface with wood screws. With the help of a friend who keeps the L-bracket to your wall studs. If you have built a storage device to your new wall-mount desk, puts it now by drilling holes and screw in place. Your new wall mounted desk only took a little while to make, but is sure to add functionality to your home.

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