Ideas Decorative Exterior Wall Panels

Decorative exterior wall panels can add an extra dimension to a wall, as well as decorative detail. You can make your own decorative wall panels using raised hardwood plywood, which can be painted to match or accent your existing woodwork. Create a sophisticated, discreet detail on your walls by painting the decorative panels the same color as the wall. For a bold accent on a feature of the wall you can paint panels of a color accent.

Place the flat plywood exterior wall panels on a work surface. Draw a decorative design on the panel with a pencil and a flexible curved ruler. Cut the outer edges of the design on the panel using a jigsaw. Guide the saw along the lines in one movement even just fast enough. To allow the saw blade to cut the wood.

Drill a 1/2-inch diameter hole through the center of the interior design areas of the exterior wall panels that should be cut out, using a drill equipped with a 1/2 inch bit. The hole will allow the saw blade to access the interior areas of the panel and allow you to cut the designs out. Slide the saw blade through each hole you drilled in step 3 and saw the designs inside the panel. Sand the cut edges of the panel with a fine grit for sanding until they are completely smooth. Wipe the panel with an antistatic cloth to remove the sanding dust.

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