Ideas for Install Basement Stair Railing

Best Basement Stair Railing


Basement stair railing – Most places in the United States require local building codes handrails along stairs with more than three risers. The installed height must be between 36 and 38 inches to meet building codes. If there is any doubt that the code requirements in your area, contact your local municipal office for specific rail requirements before installing a basement stair railing

How to install basement stair railing; use a pencil to mark the location on the wall. Repeat from the front edge of the top step or landing. Measure the distance between the marks to the correct length of the stair handrail. Then place a chalk line on the mark. Snap line to create a straight line on the wall along the stairs. If the basement staircase is framed and has a wall covering, find studs near the points of the top and bottom handrail brackets. To do this, gently press on the wall with a hammer until the sound is solid. Hammer in a finishing nail to find the center of a stud.

As a result, measure the distance between the locations of the upper and lower brackets basement stair railing. Railing brackets should be distributed approximately 40 inches apart. Then place the handrail brackets on the chalk line on the marked location of the basement stair railing. If you install on a finished wall, drill holes through the wallboard and into the studs for each bracket screw marked on the wall. If you install on a brick wall, use an appropriate size masonry bit to drill holes for masonry screws. Then place the bracket on the wall and attach with appropriate screws. Lift handrail in place. And then attach the handrail to the bracket with wood screws.

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