Ideas for lighting rooms with 20 foot ceilings

Ideas for lighting rooms with 20 foot ceilings

Are your high ceilings letting in enough light? Check out these ideas for how to light your home if you have 20 foot ceilings.

When it comes to decorating your house and making it feel like home, the way a room is lit can make or break that feeling. To have the best time, it’s important to have the best lights possible. The right lighting in a room with 20-foot ceilings can make it feel cozy and close. The wrong lighting, on the other hand, can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming.

When you have high ceilings, you can hang more things on the walls and make the room feel bigger. But that also means you have to light up a bigger area. And this means that rooms with tall ceilings often need more light fixtures and light sources than rooms with lower ceilings.
How should we go about doing that?

As a general rule, it’s best to choose bulbs and lights with wide beams and lots of lumens. High lumen lights are brighter than others. Hanging lights from the roof, like chandeliers and pendants, are also helpful.

You can also use certain LED lights and laser projections to change things up. How not to do something is just as important as how to do something. If there are too many low-hanging lights, the ceiling can look even higher than it is, and the room can look darker. If there are too many lights too close to the roof, the room will feel like a gym or stadium.

Most ceilings are between 8 and 10 feet high. Most light bulbs and light posts are made to be about the same height. High ceilings and wide rooms can be very elegant and beautiful. But the lighting has to be more than just the standard recessed lights that are built into the ceiling.

How to figure out how many lights a room will need:

First, figure out how big the room is by multiplying its length and width together.
Then, multiply that number by “foot candles” (lumens per square foot).

Values of foot candles that are often used:

30 to 40 lm/sq ft in the kitchen
10 to 20 m/sq ft for the living room.
10 to 20 m/sq ft for a bedroom.
30 to 40 lm/sq ft for the dining room.
Bathroom: 70 to 80 lm per square foot
5 to 10 lm/sq ft: Hallway
Most light bulbs have anywhere from 1,500 to 1,700 lumens.
So, you will need 2–4 light bulbs in the 200-square-foot room to make it bright. Now that you’ve taken into account the height of the roof, you may need to add more bulbs. The key is to put lamps, lava lamps, and lighting in different parts of the room. You’ll need to light the room and raise the level of your surroundings to show how tall the room is.

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Lighting Ideas for 20 Foot Ceilings

  • Pendants or lights can be hung.
  • Use LED lights or candles that last a long time.
  • Use hidden lighting and hanging lights well.
  • Use as much natural light as possible
  • Use the three-layer rule for lighting planning.
  • Add more lights to the walls.
  • Choose track lighting or strip lighting.
  • Lamps and accent lights can be used to decorate.