Ideas for Make Dorm Room Bed Skirts

Awesome Dorm Room Bed Skirts

Ideas for Make Dorm Room Bed Skirts

Dorm room bed skirts – A quick and easy way to dress any bed is to add a coordinating bed skirt. The skirt of the bed, also known as a dust flyer, serves a practical purpose. Covering the open areas under the bed and hiding objects placed there for storage. It consists mainly of a large, thin piece of inexpensive cloth that is to be placed evenly over the box spring. Most instructions for making edges of the bed involve some degree of stitching or sewing by hand. Here is a method to make a bed skirt and seamless, which will stay in place until you remove it. Leave 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete this project.

Ideas for make dorm room bed skirts, remove the bedding and mattress from the bed, leaving the spring box in place. Prop the mattress securely against a wall, or leave it on the floor, but out of the way while working. Measure the distance of the box spring horizontally along the foot of your bed. Add 3 inches to this number to determine the width of the material needed for the part of the dorm room bed skirts to be placed there.

Then for make dorm room bed skirts, determine the length by measuring the vertical distance from the top of the box from spring to the foot of your bed to the ground. Add 3 inches. Buy a piece of fabric of this length and width. Move to the side of your box spring. Measure horizontally throughout the spring of the box to determine the width of material needed there.

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