Ideas for Make Twin Trundle Bed

Great Twin Trundle Bed

Ideas for Make Twin Trundle Bed

The use of a twin trundle bed is a great idea for rooms that do not have additional space for a second bed. Twin trundle beds are beds that usually have rollers on the bottom and can easily slide under the main bed. Also, they are so comfortable and are of the same quality as any other type of bed. Twins Trundle beds are for people of all ages, and since they are the same as a normal bed, only easy to store.

Measure the size of the queen size mattress. You should leave four to six inches between the bed and the top mattress of the twin trundle bed. Cut the wooden base, with a saw, in the size of the mattress. Place the four pieces of cardboard together. Nail the plywood pieces together using L-brackets inside the joints. Nail the frame of the pieces you have put together with the L-brackets.

Flip the bed on wheels and put on each corner of the bottom of the trundle bed, using screws to keep the wheels in place. Use wheels small enough so that the trundle bed can fit under the main bed; Make sure the wheels are the same size. Painting the twin trundle bed to match the main bed. If you do not want to paint, you can stain it. After the bed dries, slide under the main bed to make sure it fits. Now you can start using your bed!

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