Ideas Homemade Stairway Railings

Amazing Stairway Railings

Stairway railings steps and porch add security and aesthetics of a home. Although you can order stock railings from lumber yards. They tend to be very common, and custom railings with carvings are extremely expensive. If you have a wood lathe and lots of creativity, you have the makings to create your own home-made railings.

If you have ever admired spindle stairway railings on the film sets, it may be time to create your own. Using a rot-resistant wood, such as cedar or redwood, rotating and carving spindle of your choice on a lathe. Have a complete spider hand to compare with others so you finish them. If you carving especially thin spindles, reinforcing the center of each with a metal rod.

Extremely wide staircase may not require rails. For example, if the porch decking is less than 28 inches high, will step down from the porch is relatively easy to navigate. Only two or three steps is not a risk factor for most adults, and the steps that are wider than 4 feet pose any real risk of falling off the sides of the stairway railings. Narrow steps may require a handrail on one side.

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