Stylish Custom Fireplace Doors

Ideas of Custom Fireplace Doors

Custom fireplace doors – If you want to get a beautiful, custom look to your fireplace. Fireplaces often have ordinary doors, commercial and ready-made glass. Although it may seem a demanding and difficult project. Build custom fireplace doors; Consult a web site on fire safety home to see what the minimum requirements for the dimensions of the fireplace doors. Plan and design your fireplace door according to the measurements. Remember that since you are making your own personalized door. You can use metal or a combination of metal and glass. It is possible to build a multi-segment or a simple two-part door. When you complete your design, purchase and collect all the necessary materials for making your fireplace door.

Measure and cut the angle iron frame the fireplace door. Be sure to indicate precisely the places for cutting the plate. Do the same for all segments of the fireplace door, no matter if you have two or more.  Fit a segment of the custom fireplace doors by collecting a frame made ​​from four squares. Check that the measurements are correct and all the corners are square. Join the four corners of the door segment of the fireplace with a welding machine. Finish the door frame your fireplace, making holes for the hinges. Then make additional holes for clamps glass frame.

Attach the glass panels to the structure of the metal door of the fireplace doors.  Complete all the custom fireplace doors attaching one segment to another. Attach the doors of their hinges. Mark and measure a location for the side of the hinges on both sides of the chimney. These side hinges keep the door of the fireplace instead. Place the segmented door in the fireplace opening, making sure to fit the doors on the hinges. Then try to open and close every door to see if they are functioning properly.

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