Identifying Cheap Laminate Wood Flooring

Top Cheap Laminate Wood Flooring

Cheap laminate wood flooring– Because laminate floors are less expensive alternative durable hardwood floors, which have become a popular addition to many homes. If you are selling, renting or buying a home, it is important that you have the ability to discern between authentic and laminate flooring wood because real wood adds more value to the house or apartment. Also, you must identify your plant in order to clean or repair it properly. For example, you cannot touch or sand a laminate floor.

Examine the grain pattern on the floor. If the soil is rolled, you see a repeating pattern of grains and / or knots. This is because the same photographic image is printed on the plastic sheet during the manufacturing process of the laminate. Examine the joints between the boards. Cheap laminate wood flooring sections are usually much larger than real wood planks. Many laminate floors come in sections that are approximately 8 inches wide, while real wood planks are about 3 inches wide.

Look for natural imperfections or signs of wear on the floor. Laminate floors are extremely difficult to scratch and stain. Hardwood floors, especially those who are older, show signs of wear, including scratches and / or random spots. Laminate floors also have a consistent and glossy finish. In high traffic areas, real wood can have points where the goal is worn or irregular. Run your fingers on the floor. Laminate floors are soft to the touch. Real wood floors will have a slightly rough, granular or irregular texture. Touch the ground with his finger. Cheap laminate wood flooring is typically installed on a landfill, which will sound hollow when tapped on it. Real wood will have a solid sound, dull when tapped.

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