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Indoor Sliding Barn Doors in Functional and Affordable Ideas

Indoor sliding barn doors – barn doors are traditionally used in rustic or country styles, but they are now often improved in design, functionality and affordability. A sliding barn door is a distinctly modern option. These improvements are barn doors a stylish and accessible option when you want to have a beautiful door in your home. If you want to use barn doors you have ‘outside the-box thinking. They are namely as a room divider or curtain kind of beautiful and practical alternative when you need privacy or to divide open spaces.

Indoor sliding barn doors are also useful when you have a long bare wall. A sliding barn door can make a much better impression here. Take rustic wooden barn doors and use what they originally looked like. Look is most effective in minimalist, contemporary interiors, dominated by color white and concrete materials. Rustic barn doors provide a warm look of space, as seen in studio above.

To indoor sliding barn doors to give a modern look you can paint them in different striking colors. Choose colors that are in addition to your decor or colors that stand out like orange, green, turquoise or red. Bring your barn doors to choose 21st century material with a luxurious, contemporary feel. Reflective black surface of door is totally opposite of what one usually thinks about barn doors.

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