Inspiration Corner Window Curtain Rod

Corner window curtain rod – A curtain or curtain that is installed to cover the window, can give a big change to the appearance of a room. That is why, many people are willing to pay dearly for a curtain with a unique and attractive design, or even luxury. But actually, there are other more economical ways to make the curtains look more colorful, so the interior of the dwelling is even more charming.

The corner window curtain rod with white color gives the room a graceful and simple appearance. To look different, try giving a touch of lace to the bottom of the curtain. Choose lace in neutral colors like baby pink, beige, or gold. Besides giving a classic look, this trick can make curtains look longer around three to five centimeters.

Tieback, also known as curtain binder, generally only has a tassel or tassel model. In fact, there are many creative tieback creations that you can make yourself. One of them is a knot tie model tied with hooks and matching with corner window curtain rod. You can also make a tieback from a pearl necklace to tie the curtains in matching colors. The rope can turn out to give a different touch to your curtains.

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